Behavior Help for Your Pet

Fuzzy Dog Logic, a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, provides in-home dog training in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.
We also offer virtual training for
  • clients anywhere in the world
  • local clients who prefer to avoid in-person meetings
  • local clients with dogs who don’t cope well with visitors.
You don’t need to put dog  behavior modification and training plans on hold.

Could you use dog behavior help or dog training ? Our services include:
  • Training aggressive and reactive dogs
  • Teaching dogs to walk quietly on leash
  • Training dogs to live safely with people, animals and property in your home
  • Resolving housetraining problems
  • Getting your out-of-control dog under control
  • Helping your dog feel less anxious, resulting in positive behavior change
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 How Our Dog Training Methods Work

We’ve spent years learning how to figure out the problem and the solution… so you don’t have to. With our wide variety of teaching and training techniques, we can find one that will work for you and your dog. We

  1. Work with you to figure out what’s going on.
  2. Develop a training and behavior modification plan customized to your dog behavior help needs.
  3. Help you learn how to set your dog up for success.
  4. Teach needed skills to both you and your dog.

Fuzzy Logic Dog excels at “thinking outside of the box” in difficult cases. Our years of experience and education allow us to rapidly target key skills and provide effective dog behavior help. Learn more about our experience here.

Fuzzy Logic Dog specializes in training and behavior help for dogs.

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I had hired two trainers prior to going with Fuzzy Logic Dog, and while both of them were well-intentioned, all they really did was give me “band-aid” solutions to the problems I was having with my aggressive dog. Greta, on the other hand, took the time to give a viable explanation for his behavior – she discussed his breed and his likely upbringing, which really helped me understand the situation more fully. She has a frank but friendly demeanor and enabled me to see things from my dog’s point of view using apt comparisons to human life, and she equipped me with some valuable tools for managing his aggression going forward. Can’t recommend her highly enough! ~Zoe H. and Holden